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A WAR OF HALF TRUTHS By Peter McConnell The architects of our nation knew the critical importance of a maliable constitution, and the need to always challenge the laws that would govern an ever-evolving and progressive nation, without drifting from its core values. A liberal party served an invaluable role to this end, while honoring[…]


If freedom is the bedrock of our great nation, and, indeed, the greatest gift we ushered into the world, we should be the beacon of what that truly means. Instead, we have become complacent, and squandered our freedom by surrendering our freethinking minds to fashionable and convenient ideologies. We stand in line for a delicious beverage and don’t even ask ourselves what’s in the punch bowl.


If you think the choices between Hillary, Bernie, and Donald demonstrate progress in America….think again! Seriously. THINK again, America. REASON and LOGIC have seemed to fall out of fashion in this country. Or, perhaps it’s become so fashionable, that we merely adorn ourselves with the latest intellectual ideas, and pass ourselves off as progressive. Either way, take a good look at the fruits of our intellectual harvest. If you’re disgusted by these choices, then this blog might just be for you.