Most of America identifies with one major political party or the other, but have any of us known someone not disenchanted with the choices it seems we have for President?

So, for our Republican friends who fall in that category, and can’t, in good conscience, vote for Trump, or want to vomit at the thought of Hillary, here’s our challenge: consider the meaning of “conservative” in the context of government, that is “Conserving” the basic tenets and principles on which our nation was established. Namely small government, personal responsibility, personal liberties, free market capitalism. One doesn’t need to approve of the choices others make to place greater value on the freedom to choose. Free will is arguably our greatest endowment.

For our socially liberal/fiscally conservative friends, or those who “felt the Bern,” and are FED up with the corruption and compromise that has undermined our economy and democracy, here’s our challenge: feel the Johnson! Wait, that didn’t sound right. But consider another man with integrity, uncompromising principles, and who feels your Bern! Wait….. Shit.

Those who label a Libertarian as a fringe, militia-minded radical who wants to eradicate the government is simply wrong. Yeah, they have their share of nut-bags (which party doesn’t?), but the platform is probably FAR more sensible than you think.

Please take the time to examine where YOU are in these positions, and which areas you’re willing to make a compromise for the sake of UNITY in our country.

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